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Waterloo Cedar Falls

Bat Bird Wildlife Removal

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Bat Removal Cedar Falls Waterloo

We get bats out!! We do it humanely, the right way every time and offer emergency bat removal when and if ever needed. Invite us over for a full inspection, we will be happy to share our findings and our plan to permanently remove bats from your home. All work comes with Full warranty & Guarantee. We are Bat Removal Specialists. We offer 24/7 emergency bat removal if you have a bat (s) in your living space of your home.

We also offer full attic remediation services which includes the removal of soiled attic insulation, fecal deposits, remove odors, and basically do an overall attic cleanup after an invasion of an attic by bats, birds, rodents, raccoons, possums and other wildlife.

Bird Removal Cedar Falls Waterloo

Bird Control Cedar Falls Waterloo

Tired of Canada geese making a mess of your yard or lakefront home? We can help! We specialize in goose control. Using non lethal harassment methods, we can move the birds off of your property and stop the mess.

The key to the success of our bird removal campaigns is correctly identifying the nuisance bird species and then implementing the correct bird removal, repellent, etc. We can help you with pigeons, grackles, woodpeckers, crows, sparrows, swallows, ducks and geese.

We provide many different solutions of bird control that we customize and tailor to fit both your control and budget needs including the use of bird netting, installation of bird spikes, bird shock repellent systems and many more.

Wildlife Removal Cedar Rapids

We offer a variety of wildlife removal services involving the damage management of local wildlife and providing professional solutions to Waterloo – Cedar Falls, Iowa area nuisance wildlife concerns.We trap, remove, catch, capture and repair damage from and know how to get rid of  and how to trap bats, beaver, birds, gophers, geese, moles, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes, turtles, woodchucks and most any nuisance wildlife not mentioned here. Please call and ask. We may surprise you!

Raccoon Removal

We trap, remove and get rid of your raccoon problems. We remove raccoons from attic, fireplaces, inside of homes, chimneys, and repair their damage and prevent re-entry. We are full-time humane raccoon trappers providing  raccoon exterminator services and most any aspect of raccoon control you may need.

Rodent Removal

Everyday we seem to find another customer wasting their money away on never-ending rat and mouse poisoning rodenticides treatment. One commercial customer recently was paying $4000 a year just for rodenticide treatment and we were able to close off all the entry points and get the building off of a regular rat and mouse poison baiting program once and for all. We offer better solutions for rodent, mice and rat concerns. We trap them out and keep them out by closing off all of their entrances.

Dead Animal Removal Dead animal in your home, inside your walls or out in your yard. Did you find a dead carcass on your property and the county won’t help? We can help. Just call for our private Waterloo/Cedar Falls dead animal removal services.

Skunk Removal

We trap skunks, remove them from your property and get rid of skunk odor. Waterloo Skunk Removal & Trapping Specialists. Ask about our odor free skunk removal. We know how to trap skunks and not get sprayed. Do you?

Squirrel Removal

We get squirrels out of attics and homes. We can find squirrels in your walls and remove them. Call for a squirrel inspection.



Snake Removal

Got a snake problem poisonous or non poisonous we can help you remove them from your home or property. We do a lot of snake removal and snake trapping  in the Greater Waterloo area. We often handle calls for bull snakes, fox snakes, rattle snakes, and Garter snakes. We do a lot snake control near Waterloo, Cedar Falls,  Marshalltown,  Grinnell, and Iowa Falls Iowa.

Groundhog Removal

Do you have a groundhog or woodchuck problem? Do you have holes and dirt showing up around your home or building? We can help!! Groundhogs, also called woodchucks, can seem quite harmless but can cause thousands of dollars in damages by moving dirt from under and around foundations and cutting electrical and cable lines. Groundhog, Woodchuck, Whistle pig and marmot removal and control services.

Our Primary Iowa Bat & Wildlife Removal Service Areas:

Marshalltown, Grinnell, Newton, Iowa Falls, Eldora, Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Waverly, Clear Lake, Mason City, Decorah

We service the entire state of Iowa for bats and cover a 100 mile radius for all other nuisance wildlife.

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